From the professional chef to the home chef.

There’s “Never a Dull Moment” with Bobby Mac’s.

You’ll always have sharp knives and kitchen tools to create your next culinary master piece!

Having thirty years of knife skills, Bobby is always happy to share some wisdom about the importance of using the right tool for the task at hand.

As a result, your knowledge and confidence will improve, providing a more enjoyable cooking experience.


Culinary Sharpening Prices

Paring Knives & Steak $7.00

Straight Edge $10.00 – (Utility, Boning, Chef, Santoku, Slicer, Cleaver)

Serrated Edge $12.00

Cleaver $10.00

Pizza Wheels $8.00

Cuisinart / Mandolin $12.00

Kitchen Shear $10.00

Circular Slicer Blades $50.00

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