Why Bobby Mac’s?…


Bobby Mac’s offers top of the line Salon, Barber, and Pet Grooming shears with some of the lowest prices on the market. Why would you buy the same shear from the big brand companies when you can get the exact same thing for half the price?

How do I do it? Simply put “I don’t have the same business overhead expense!”
The major brands spend LOTS of money on Marketing, Branding, and Packaging.
I have none of those expenses.

The Shear Business is Simple!

All Premium Quality Shears are made in a few factories; in Japan, Korea, Germany, Spain, China, and Taiwan. All shear brands you know buy their products from these factories for the same price. The only real difference between these brands is what you pay at retail.

My Promise:

(Bobby Mac Warranty) is plain and simple!

Use your shear for thirty days, if you are not 100% Satisfied for any reason return them for an exchange for another shear or a full refund …less shipping.

Please understand that I (Bobby Mac) personally inspect each of the shears before they ship to you. This assures you that they are totally functional. I will not knowingly send you any defected shears!

In a perfect world this would ensure a perfect result every time a purchase is made,…but tThis is not a perfect world!, so that’s why the (warranty)!

Upon receiving your shear: please take a photo of any damage that might have happened in Shipping for your Record, and to provide Proof of Damage to Shipping Company. Please, Time and Date Stamp Photos. This will help in Expediting your Returns, or Exchange etc…